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New GREET Model stirs concern among corn growers


Corn farmers are expressing concern over new updates to the GREET model, which may impact their ability to contribute to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) initiatives. These updates require that corn used for ethanol meet stringent environmental standards to qualify for the 40B tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act.

The Department of Energy’s Argonne GREET model has introduced measures assessing the environmental impact of land use changes and now demands the adoption of specific conservation practices. These include no-till farming, advanced fertilizers, and cover crops, which are not always practical across various farming regions.

Farmers and associations like the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) are frustrated, viewing these requirements as too rigid and potentially exclusionary. They argue that the updated model could severely restrict corn ethanol's role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the aviation sector.

Despite these challenges, corn growers have been proactive in advocating for ethanol’s benefits, emphasizing its potential in meeting national environmental goals. They are increasingly worried about the administration’s dedication to ethanol as a part of its climate strategy.

The debate continues as stakeholders from both the agricultural and environmental sectors weigh the practicality against the necessity of stringent environmental measures. As the situation evolves, corn growers remain committed to advocating for their crop's role in America's environmental future.

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