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Ontario farmers can expect some rain in September

An early look at the fall forecast

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

Farmers throughout Ontario can expect to be working in some soggy conditions in September.

An early look at The Weather Network’s monthly forecast shows some days with steady rainfall in some parts of the province.

Producers in Guelph can expect rain on September 6 and 11. The 6th could provide 3.4mm of rain and the 11th could see 12.1mm.


In London, these two days could also see significant rainfall. About 4.4mm of rain could fall on September 6, and 12.2mm on September 11.

Producers in Windsor could experience rain on three days in September, with the heaviest rainfall happening towards the end of the month. On September 8, up to 6.3mm of rain could fall, followed by about 4.4mm on September 10 and another 6.4mm on September 11.

Farmers in the Peterborough area could see up to 4.4mm of rain on September 10 and 12.9mm the following day.

Growers near Ottawa could have rain on two days. The 6th could see 3.2mm of rain fall and up to 12.5mm on the 11th.

In the northern part of the province, farmers around Sudbury could also have rains on two days. September 5 could see 9.1mm of rain, and 10mm could fall on September 10.

For the most part, the sun will be shining on September 5 for those farmers looking to enjoy Labour Day with friends and family or complete some fieldwork.

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