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Ontario Pork Congress 2023—June 21-22

Ontario Pork Congress 2023—June 21-22

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Ontario Pork Congress is in person and in hog in Stratford.

By Andrew Joseph; Photo courtesy of the Ontario Pork Congress

If you don’t know what the OPC is, you haven’t been paying attention for the past 50 years. The Ontario Pork Congress—an annual trade event, this year taking place June 21–22 in its long-time home in Stratford, Ontario—informs and provides value to the Canadian pork industry.

While the public is welcome, of course, the Congress is more of an event for those actively involved in the pork industry—as well as those looking to become involved and those who have previously been involved.

Physically taking place at the Stratford Rotary Complex, the OPC offers many opportunities to learn. Since its inception, educational programs have been an important part of the event.

But really, it’s a gathering of like-minded individuals where leadership is developed and networking is expanded to international levels. It’s about innovations, creating genetic awareness, and providing junior programs and opportunities to foster the next generation—but for those who become involved, it’s about creating and maintaining lifelong friendships.

Richard Smelski, one of the founding members of the OPC, explained to that “Ontario has the ideal setting for a vibrant and competitive global pork industry. Excellent genetics, ample feed, excellent health status, national acceptance, and a friendly environment make it the envy of the world. But the strongest asset is the people—the participants in the industry, and the Ontario Pork Congress has always recognized and cultivated this strength.”

For a full list of events taking place at this, the 50th anniversary of the OPC, click here: OPC EVENTS

Entry is $15. Also at registration, attendees may pick up a copy of Better Pork magazine, as well as the 50th Anniversary Issue of the OPC magazine, which looks at the Congress by decade from its humble beginnings to its humble present.

Read the magazines and come experience the Ontario Pork Congress on June 21-22. It’s kind of a pig deal.

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