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Overview of Schulte’s GX-130 Rotary Cutter

Overview of Schulte’s GX-130 Rotary Cutter

Cutting-Edge Features for Efficient Pasture Maintenance 

By Ryan Ridley

Schulte Industries' Luke Andries introduces the GX-130, a rotary cutter designed for pasture management. 

Here's a breakdown of the key features highlighted in the video at the bottom of the article. 

Cutting Speed and Capacity 

The GX-130 is named for its 13-foot cutting width. It utilizes three 3-4-inch blades, making it suitable for pastures that don't require a roadside-quality finish. This design allows for operation at faster speeds. 

Efficient Cutting Performance 

The GX-130 features a deep deck and straight, non-curving blades. 

“Our blades are not curved or twisted on the end, so the whole blade has updraft which gives you a good finish cut,” Andries told 

Additionally, Schulte cutters are known for minimal windrow, leaving behind a high-quality finish. 

Easy Maintenance 

Schulte prioritized ease of maintenance on these units. Its hinges are designed to be grease-free, eliminating the issue of grit accumulation and grinding. 

The blades are secured with a pentagon bushing, allowing for easy replacement with just a single bolt. 

Durable Construction 

The GX-130 boasts a sturdy build with a thick-walled C-channel frame on both the front and rear. This robust design ensures the deck can handle tough conditions 

 Additionally, the double-connected wheel stands provide enhanced durability by distributing impact across multiple points. 

Clean Design 

The GX-130's domed top deck sheds water and debris easily, simplifying cleaning and maintenance after use. 

Schulte also offers the GX-130 in larger 15-foot and 42-foot variants to cater to different farm sizes and requirements. 

Watch the below video to learn more about Schulte’s GX-130. 

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