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Pickup Trucks – The Unparalleled Icon of Rural America

So What is it About Pickup Trucks that Farmers Can’t Live Without?

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If you’re like me, you know the true value of a heavy duty vehicle – especially if you see that value contributing to your bottom line. Farmers all over the country would tell you that without a truck on duty, their days would be much longer, not to mention much less efficient.

So what exactly is the reason why so many farmers insist on having this hard-working hauler on site? The fact is, the pickup truck is so versatile for multipurpose functions, it would be tough to get big jobs accomplished without it. From hauling farm equipment and machinery to pulling out tree stumps, the pickup truck has you covered. Livestock producers and horse racing professionals also rely heavily on the classic muscle-machine to tow their champions from show to show or track to track.

Apart from all of the obvious uses a pickup truck has on the farm, it also provides a sense of nostalgia – defining many generations of rural America and the hard work and dedication of its inhabitants.

Shopping for a pickup truck, though – that’s another story. With multiple manufacturers delivering high-performance, low-emission, rugged and reliable half-ton and full-ton models – brand name may be the least important aspect these days. While Ford and Chevy have always had a strong presence on the farm, truck makers like Toyota and Dodge have made significant technological advances that have put their pickup trucks at the top of the pyramid.

No matter what brand of pickup truck you purchase, always consider what you’re going to put it through on any given day, and choose the types of features that would be most complimentary to daily chores – like 4x4, extended cab, winches etc.


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