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Piper’s AccuStream metering and sampling system helps track every drop of milk

Piper’s AccuStream metering and sampling system helps track every drop of milk

The system can record the milk’s whereabouts and temperature

By Diego Flammini
News Reporter

An Irish company is helping dairy farmers keep a close eye on where their milk is going and the quality of milk they’re providing to processors.

Piper Systems’s AccuStream system automatically records milk samples and test weights in a more efficient manner, allowing for more accurate readings.

Leigh Hamilton

Producers and processors make large investments to ensure milk is of the highest quality, so it only makes sense to keep track of milk deliveries from farm to plant, said Leigh Hamilton, CEO of Piper Systems.

“You invest so much money into getting the product right at either end of the production chain, so this technology helps ensure traceability doesn’t slip away in one piece of the supply chain,” she told today.

AccuStream automatically takes samples from milk that is being loaded onto trailers. The system can also adjust its speed to match the flow of milk through the lines and can alert the farmer of any issues on the milk line.


“The farmer ends up with a sample that represents exactly what’s gone onto the truck,” Hamilton said. “In the case of issues in his milking parlor, the system can send him a flag and allow him to intervene early.”

Typically, dairy farmers may have to store their milk in a refrigerated silo until a truck arrives at the farm for a pickup. The AccuStream system allows for less milk pumping and better sampling, which can help maximize quality.

“The licensed hauler would come to the farm with their equipment and agitate the milk for anywhere up to 40 minutes before taking a sample,” Hamilton said.

“How they take a sample is extremely important because that’s how the farmer gets paid. With a traditional sampler, you’re banking on everything being done properly. It’s great when you have someone who’s really good but not so great when you have someone who’s in a hurry.”

Another benefit of the AccuStream system is that it provides checks and balances with a processor.

Farmers can use Piper’s Every Drop Portal with their processors to ensure they receive fair value for their products.

“At the moment, the farmer is reliant on correct measurements or the weigh meters at the plant, which belong to the purchaser of the milk,” Hamilton said. “This (system) gives the producer the ability to look at exactly what’s been shipped from his or her farm.”

Dairy processors can also use the AccuStream system to monitor multiple pickups.

“If somebody goes to collect milk from the wrong farm, you can lock them out from that collection,” she said. “Or if someone goes to collect organic milk after collecting regular milk, they won’t be able to collect the organic milk until a proper cleaning has been completed.”

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