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Pork Nova Scotia highlights new opportunities for producers

Pork Nova Scotia highlights new opportunities for producers

Farmers look to grow both local and international markets for their pork

By Nicholas Van Allen

Members of Pork Nova Scotia gathered for their annual AGM on June 22. Margie Lamb, chair of Pork Nova Scotia, and Brad McCallum, executive director of the Agri-Commodity Management Association, were at the helm.

The evening’s presentations focused on finding a niche for Canadian pork within an ever-growing and difficult marketplace.

Nova Scotia pork producers have been hit hard over the past decade as market pressures caused many farmers to close their operations during the recent recession. The industry is rebounding, though, and the AGM focused on finding ways to move forward.


Members and guests of Pork Nova Scotia gather at the annual AGM in Berwick, Nova Scotia. Third from the right is Margie Lamb, Pork Nova Scotia chair.

Gary Stordy with the Canadian Pork Council, and Jane Morrigan with Integrity Livestock Services, presented at the AGM. The pair discussed the opportunities open to Nova Scotia pork producers – including marketing premium, high-value pork that’s been humanely raised and handled, to both foreign and domestic consumers.

Nova Scotia producers are focusing on small-scale production, attracting markets such as those in urban Halifax, Dartmouth and others farther off, McCallum noted.

He also drew attention to the success of Pork Nova Scotia’s “Introduction to Small Scale Pig Production,” a guide for small producers who are just getting into the industry.

The document “has been incredibly accepted across the county … Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and B.C. all emailed and said ‘we want this,’” he said. “We (Pork Nova Scotia) can be an industry leader in … small-scale production.”

The document is available online:


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