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Predicting the World Cup winner using ag data – Part II

Predicting the World Cup winner using ag data – Part II

Qatar and Ecuador play in the tournament’s first game this weekend

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Soccer fans around the world only have a few more days to wait until the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Ecuador will play the host nation in the tournament’s first match on Nov. 20.

The end goal for each of the tournament’s 32 participating countries is to raise the FIFA World Cup trophy after the final whistle blows on Dec. 18.

And while analysts and experts are looking at rosters, formations and other factors to determine their picks for world champions, is doing things a little differently.

Using available data, will determine the group and knockout stage winners using agriculture as a percentage of a country’s gross domestic product.

The two countries in each group where agriculture accounts for larger portions of their GDPs will advance to the knockout stage.

Today’s predictions focus on Groups E to H.

All figures are from 2021 and in $USD unless otherwise noted.

Group ECountriesAg Percentage of GDPTotal GDP in 2021
Advances to knockout stageSpain2.73$1.425 trillion
Winners of Group ECosta Rica4.45$64.28 billion
 Germany 0.8$4.223 trillion
 Japan1.03 in 2019$5.123 trillion
Group F   
 Belgium0.59$599.9 billion
 Canada1.6$1.991 trillion
Winners of Group FMorocco12.65$1.327 billion
Advances to knockout stageCroatia3.13$67.84 billion
Group G   
Winners of Group GBrazil29$1.609 trillion
 Serbia6.53$63.07 billion
 Switzerland0.62$812.9 billion
Advances to knockout stageCameroon17.25$45.24 billion
Group H   
 Portugal2.19$249.9 billion
Winners of Group HGhana19.71$77.59 billion
Advances to knockout stageUruguay6.91$59.32 billion
 Korea Republic1.84$1.799 trillion

Check out the predictions for Groups A to D.

And be sure to visit again this week to find out how the knockout stage games will play out.

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