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Premier Smith provides mandate letters to ministers

Premier Smith provides mandate letters to ministers

One of Minister Horner’s responsibilities is to encourage increased nitrogen production

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

The members of Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s cabinet know what she expects of them after receiving their individual ministerial mandate letters.

Nate Horner, the minister of agriculture and irrigation, is expected to work with multiple other cabinet ministers to achieve specific goals.

Working with the minister of finance, for example, Minister Horner is to “develop and implement a Competitive Agri-Food Value-Added Processing and Manufacturing program that will make Alberta more competitive with competing jurisdictions,” his Nov. 10 mandate letter says.

Working with the minister of trade to reduce interprovincial trade berries and encouraging increased nitrogen production in the petrochemical sector are also among his responsibilities.

Premier Smith also expects Minister Horner to push back against federal programs that affect Alberta’s ability to produce or export food.

Examples of these kinds of policies from Ottawa include the carbon tax, pest control regulations and fertilizer reductions.

In addition, Minister Horner is to “complete a Made in Alberta Labelling Program to enhance Alberta products in the marketplace,” his mandate letter outlines.

Devin Dreeshen, the former ag minister and new minister of transportation of economic corridors, helped bring local food labels to Alberta goods in 2021.

In addition to the individual ministerial responsibilities, the mandate letters also outline Premier Smith’s vision for greater Alberta.

She expects the members of her cabinet to do four things:

  • Keep inflation and affordability at top of mind,
  • Have a “laser focus” on job creation and strengthening the economy,
  • Ensure all areas of the province receive proper ambulance services, and
  • Remain united “in the face of a federal government that no longer treats its partners in Confederation as equals.”

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