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Purebase Corp. launches Purebase Alfalfa

Product can help put nutrients back into the soil

By Diego Flammini,

With 2015 being recognized as the International Year of Soils by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, it seems appropriate that a product aimed at helping restore soil nutrients becomes available.

California-based company Purebase launched Purebase Alfalfa, a product designed to help enrich soil with nutrients and is said to deliver up to three times the nutrition as manure.

"Purebase Alfalfa is an original, new product that puts essential nutrients back into the soil and incites the native soil biology to work for the plant," states Mr. Robert Hurtado, VP Product Research and Development in a press release. "An exceptional characteristic about this product is that it delivers over 55% mineralized organic matter -- all of which is available to the soil ecology and the plant immediately. Compared to most ruminant manure, which contains an average of 17% organic matter, of which typically only 15% of benefits are available in the first year, our product is providing over 3 times the nutritional content. What I say to growers is 'What could you do with about 300% more bio-available organic matter for your soil and crops?'"

The product acts as a fertilizer replacement and can be applied in many soil conditions where alfalfa is produced. The company uses different types of acids and nutrients to make up the product.

Trials have seen higher feed quality for the dairy industry and higher water retention without water logging.

Interested growers are encouraged to contact Purebase if they’re interested in receiving research results.

Join the conversation and tell us your thoughts on Purebase’s new product. Is it something you’d consider using?

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