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September is National Potato Month

Idaho is top potato-producer in the United States

By Diego Flammini,

Just as May was dedicated to all things beef and June was a month-long celebration of the dairy industry, September is another month celebrating one of the most versatile agricultural crops to be grown.

September is recognized as National Potato Month and people will spend a little extra time admiring and appreciating the potato and all it does for farmers and consumers.

To help in the “spud”tacular celebrations, here are some stats and facts about the potato.

Potatoes in the United States

  • Idaho produced the most potatoes of any state in 2012 with 14.2 billion pounds, followed by Washington and Wisconsin to round out the top three
  • The top three export markets for American potatoes are Japan, Canada and Mexico
  • About 34% of potatoes are used to make frozen fries

Potatoes in Canada

  • Prince Edward Island produces the most potatoes in Canada with more than $257 million in total farm value in 2012
  • Between 2012 and 2013, Canada exported more than $1 billion worth of potatoes and imported more than $350 million worth of potatoes
  • Potatoes account for about 37% of all vegetable farm receipts in Canada

Uses for potatoes outside of the kitchen

  • Prince Edward Distillery in Canada produces a vodka that’s distilled from potatoes. The vodka won gold at the 2009 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
  • Did the battery in your calculator die? You can use potatoes along with some other materials to power it back up!
  • Should there be a spot of rust on your truck, cut open a raw potato and rub it on the rusted area.
  • Thin slices of potato can be put over your eyes to help with puffy eyes

To kick off National Potato Month, here’s a classic song about potatoes from Canadian musical icon “Stompin” Tom Connors.

Join the conversation and tell us how you’ll be celebrating the potato this September. What are some other uses for the spuds?

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