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Shark bites into Tree T-Pee investment

Product for farmers was seen on Shark Tank

By Diego Flammini,

Everyone is trying to save money and trying to squeeze as much out of every dollar as possible. Farmers are no exception, especially when factoring in the costs of feed, equipment, maintenance, water, electricity, fuel, and any other costs associated with running a farm operation.

Johnny Georges, out of Arcadia, Florida, came up with a solution to help farmers with trees retain heat and moisture, while using water more efficiently to cut down on operation costs.

He then took his idea national and probably international in the process.

Georges is the inventor of the Tree T-Pee, a container made of recycled plastic that goes around the base of the tree. With the product in place, when a farmer turns on their water pumps, all of the water is contained within the Tree-T-Pee, ensuring the tree receives all the moisture it needs without any waste.

Georges took his product onto the investment show Shark Tank, where inventors pitch their ideas to millionaire investors hoping to strike a partnership.

During his pitch, Georges outlined some of the benefits of using the product including its protection capabilities from the cold weather, its durability and water-saving possibilities.

“Instead of using 25,000 gallons per tree per year, we’re now only using 800 gallons per tree per year,” he said during his presentation in front of John Paul DeJoria, known as the founder of Paul Mitchell hair products and Patron tequila, Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, Lori Greiner, author of Invent It! Sell It, Bank It, Daymond John the founder of FUBU clothing company, and Kevin O’Leary, chairman of O’Leary Funds.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency estimated the cost of water is $2.00 per 2,000 gallons which could lead to substantial savings.

After some back and forth, Georges did end up with a partnership.

To find out from who you’ll have to watch the pitch yourself.

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