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‘Sign’ of relief – Canada, a confirmed participant in CPTPP

‘Sign’ of relief – Canada, a confirmed participant in CPTPP

Stakeholders across the ag industry welcome the international trade agreement

By Kate Ayers

Staff Writer

Negotiations have concluded for the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) Agreement, following two days of negotiations in Tokyo, according to a Government of Canada statement yesterday. And this appears to be good news for Canada’s farmers.

“Reaching this milestone on the CPTPP is great news for Canadian farmers and food processors as it will help grow the Canadian economy, including the middle class, and deliver prosperity to rural communities across the country,” Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, and François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of International Trade, issued in the statement.

“It will give the Canadian agricultural industry preferential access to all CPTPP countries and will provide new market access opportunities for a wide range of Canadian products, including meat, grains, pulses, maple syrup, wines and spirits, seafood and agri-food products.”  

Japan is Canada’s third-largest export market for agri-food. The agreement will provide the ag industry with access to the Japanese market and other expanding markets, according to a Canada Agri-Food Trade Alliance release yesterday.

“It is a deal that provides unprecedented access to key markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

“(The agreement) provides (market) access that we’ve never had before,” Claire Citeau, CAFTA executive director, said to today.

“It also helps us remain competitive.

“Some of our competitors, Australia, Chile and the European Union have preferential access to the Japanese market, for example. So, the deal helps (Canada) remain competitive because it puts us on a more level playing field with our competitors.”

In addition, Canada’s signing of the TPP gives Canadian producers a competitive advantage over the United States, who is not a participant in the partnership.

The CPTPP will help Canada reach $75 billion annually in agri-food exports by 2025, a target set by the federal government.

“We look forward to discussing what this agreement means for the sector and how we can continue to work together to help grow the Canadian economy,” MacAulay and Champagne said in the release.


Photo Credit: REUTERS

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