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Social Media Proves Success for Canadian Beef

Canadian Beef Inc. Online Efforts Reaching More Consumers than Ever Before

By Amanda Brodhagen,

Finding the “Canadian beef fan club” on social media channels these days has gotten a lot easier with the help of Canadian Beef Inc.’s online presence, especially its outreach on Twitter.

“Social media…especially Twitter has made a huge difference in promoting the Canadian beef brand,” said Heather Travis, director of public relations and marketing communications for Canadian Beef Inc. “Social media has allowed Canadian beef to reach more consumers, not only in Canada, but around the world than ever before,” she said.

Social media is convenient. These days all you have to do is reach out on Twitter to get your questions answered. Canadian Beef Inc. has taken note of the consumer desire to reach out and to ask questions about beef, which is why, over the years it expanded its efforts on various social media platforms like Twitter.

Currently, the group has seven different Twitter handles, which are managed by its experts. Some of the most popular Twitter handles include - @CanadianBeef@CDNBeefrd (dietitian specific), @CDNbeefRecipes (culinary specific), @CDNBeef_ag (ag-specific), and @CDNBeefButcher (beef cut/butcher specific). “We’re able to help consumers with any of their beef questions…and that has really opened up our ability to communicate with them,” explains Travis.

Canadian Beef Inc.’s success can be found in the numbers. A recent internal media report found in this past business year its traditional media outreach generated 35 million media impressions, while its social media outreach soared with an impressive 162 million impressions. “It shows the power that social media has presented Canadian Beef, Inc. in terms of achieving our business goals,” said Travis. “Our team at Canadian Beef Inc. wants to ensure that consumers are having a very positive experience on and off the plate,” she said.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect about Canadian Beef Inc.’s social media success is that its growth has been entirely organic. “Truly beef lovers are finding the page for beef lovers,” she said. “Every year since we launched, our website traffic continues to grow…which means that more people are finding Canadian beef,” explains Travis.

The Canadian Beef Inc. team is good at creating buzz around beef with their beefy chats. This year they held their first Google hangout in partnership with Earls Restaurant chain to support its steak program which features 100% Canadian beef. Travis said there was a good physical turnout in an Earls Restaurant where they were holding the hangout live. “Engaging on social media allows us to support our partners like Earls who proudly carry Canadian beef,” said Travis.

Research has shown that Canadians absolutely want to support Canadian beef; that’s maybe why you’re seeing more restaurants displaying the Canadian Beef Inc. logo.  Currently, there are about 150 licenced partners who have the ability to use the official Canadian Beef Inc. logo, but it’s unknown how many are actually using it.

Seeking out new and creative ways to promote beef around the world is also a mandate of Canadian Beef Inc. Starting in January 2014, Air Canada Vacations are offering culinary vacations to Mexico which will feature Canadian beef. Twelve chefs hand picked by Canadian Beef Inc. will be cooking up beef dishes every day of the week at the Mexican resort. 

Travis says it’s an opportunity to show people that you can eat Canadian beef outside of Canada. The culinary experience is being promoted using the #ExperienceCDNBeef hashtag on Twitter. More information about the culinary vacation can be found on Air Canada Vacations website. Canadian Beef Inc. is a global organization which has offices in key markets around the world including China, Japan and Mexico.

Paring beef and social media has proved to be a recipe for success! More information about Canadian Beef Inc. can be found on its website at:


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