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Stamp Seeds & Hopcott Farms named Canada's Outstanding Young Farmers 2023 winners

Greg & Sarah Stamp, along with Brad & Travis Hopcott, have been recognized as the National Winners of the Canada's Outstanding Young Farmer (OYF) Program for 2023. The prestigious awards were presented during the national event held in Laval, QC, from November 22 to 26, 2023. 

Stamp Seeds' Success Story:  

Greg & Sarah Stamp, who initially partnered with Greg's parents in 2006, have transformed their venture into three distinct operations. These include Stamp Seeds (specializing in retail pedigreed seed), Stamp Farms (focused on production of pedigreed seed for retail and contracts), and Flourish Farms (dedicated to crop cultivation).  

They produce pedigreed seed on a sprawling 7,000 acres, with 5,000 acres under irrigation and 2,000 acres dryland farmed. Their innovative approach includes minimum tillage practices, benchmark soil sampling, and proactive engagement through on-farm events, newsletters, and social media. Sarah has played a pivotal role in crafting management and succession plans for their family-oriented farming operations. 

Hopcott Farms' Transformation:  

Brad & Travis Hopcott's journey began with their grandfather's dairy farm, which has now evolved into a multifaceted agricultural enterprise. It includes a 1,000-head beef feedlot, forage production, an on-farm abattoir, a 72-acre cranberry farm, and a 17,000 sq ft retail store and wedding venue.  

Recent improvements saw 20% of their cranberry acres renovated with new varieties, doubling production. They've also implemented a water reservoir system to recycle 30 million gallons of water in the cranberry bogs during harvest.  

In 2022, a $5 million abattoir was integrated into their operations, and waste tissue composting units have enabled eco-friendly utilization of animal waste in forage fields. Brad & Travis have received support during management transition and are committed to mentoring future BC farmers. 

Canada's Outstanding Young Farmers President Speaks:  

Danny Penner, President of Canada's Outstanding Young Farmers, commended the exceptional operations showcased by all regional finalists, highlighting the promising future of agriculture in Canada. He believes that Greg & Sarah Stamp and Travis & Brad Hopcott will serve as outstanding ambassadors for Canadian agriculture. 

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