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Staying safe on the farm

Staying safe on the farm

Canadian and Manitoba governments invest over $1 million for farm safety

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The Canadian and Manitoba governments are investing over $1.1 million over the next five years with the Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) to enhance farm safety.
Lawrence MacAulay, federal minister of agriculture and agri-food, and Ralph Eichler, Manitoba’s agriculture and agri-food minister, made the funding announcement Tuesday, a same-day Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada release said. The investment will “support the delivery of the Farm Safety Program and the development of safety tools, training and resources for farmers in Manitoba.”
The Manitoba Farm Safety Project is an extension of a three-year Growing Forward 2 – Growing Actions project. The continuance of the program will enable the creation and implementation of tools, resources, and safety training in the ag sector.
Farming is one of the most dangerous occupations in Canada, “with risk of injuries increasing with the use of heavy machinery, working with livestock, fatigue, and extreme weather conditions,” Eichler said in the release.
“The Farm Safety Program will enable Manitoba farms to establish on-farm safety programs to keep their families, their workers and themselves safe while operating their businesses,” he said. 
An average of six farm fatalities and thousands of injuries occur each year, a departmental spokesperson from the Government of Manitoba told yesterday.
“Safe farms are productive farms, so reducing the chances of injury also supports the financial sustainability of agricultural operations and their ability to attract skilled workers.”
The program will be managed by KAP, with the Farm Safety Council overseeing program development and design.
The Farm Safety Council consists of representatives from different ag sectors, such as the Manitoba Pork Council, the Manitoba Canola Growers Association, the Vegetable Growers Association of Manitoba, Manitoba Egg Farmers, Dairy Farmers of Manitoba, Manitoba Corn Growers, Manitoba Beef Producers and KAP.
Updated Feb. 8, 2019.
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