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Sweat Free Apparel launches reusable waterproof and carbon neutral masks

by Leslie Stewart |

Sweat Free Apparel based out of Waterloo, Ont. released a new product that’s sure to keep farmers safe and comfortable on the job: reusable waterproof and carbon neutral masks (not for medical use).

University of Waterloo graduate Chanakya Ramdev, an immigrant from Ludhiana, Punjab, India, founded Sweat Free Apparel to make technical textiles.

To do his part during the pandemic, Ramdev designed these innovative masks.

The Sweat Free Apparel masks are waterproof and create a barrier to prevent respiratory droplets from coming in or out. They’re reusable and carbon neutral, minimizing their overall impact on the environment.

Sweat Free Apparel's waterproof reusable and carbon neutral non-medical masks.

Sweat Free Apparel landed a contract with Metrolinx to provide their employees with 10,000 face coverings.

Order yours today online at Buy two masks and enjoy free shipping across Canada and the United States or you can pick up your order for free in Waterloo.

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