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Syngenta Canada introduces electric trucks for eco-friendly farming

By Jean-Paul McDonald

Syngenta Canada makes a bold move in sustainable agriculture, becoming the first agricultural company in Canada to introduce electric trucks into its logistics transportation fleet. In 2024, these eco-friendly vehicles will traverse Southern Ontario, distributing crop protection and seed products with zero CO2e emissions. 

This initiative, in partnership with Future Transfer, begins with deploying three electric trucks. It's not just an innovation in farming logistics; it's a significant environmental stride, cutting down CO2e emissions by about 25,000 kg annually. This reduction is equivalent to taking eight passenger vehicles off the roads. 

Syngenta Canada introduces electric trucks for eco-friendly farming

Electric trucks offer a 90 percent reduction in CO2e emissions compared to diesel trucks, aligning with Syngenta Canada's commitment to sustainability. The rollout starts from Tillsonburg, Ontario, showcasing a greener path for agriculture logistics. 

Ron Thorner of Future Transfer highlights the importance of this partnership in meeting shared sustainability goals. Electric trucks represent a leap forward in reducing emissions in the agricultural sector, a known contributor to greenhouse gases (GHGs). 

This effort aligns with Syngenta Canada's broader vision to incorporate sustainability in every aspect of their operations. Trevor Heck, President of Syngenta Canada, emphasizes the company's drive towards reducing emissions in line with Syngenta Group’s global target of a 38 percent reduction by 2030.  

Adding electric trucks to their fleet is a testament to this commitment, demonstrating innovative and eco-friendly approaches in the agriculture industry. 

Syngenta Canada is not just changing how products are transported; it's reshaping the agricultural landscape towards a more sustainable future. This step is vital in reducing the environmental footprint of farming and showcases a path for others in the industry to follow. 

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