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Syngenta fungicides receive EPA registration

Syngenta fungicides receive EPA registration

The Miravis line of products for corn, soybeans and wheat will be available next year

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

New Syngenta fungicides will be available to U.S. producers next year as the products have received registration from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Three fungicides, which Syngenta will market under the Miravis brand, are targeted to corn, soybean and wheat producers. A fourth is for specialty crop growers and a Miravis fungicide for peanut growers is already available.

Eric Tedford

Miravis Ace is the first and only SDHI mode of action for fusarium head blight and helps growers control the disease, said Eric Tedford, technical product lead for the Miravis brands.

Ace “is a combination of Adepidyn, a powerful carboxamide chemistry along with propiconazole and it provides excellent control,” he told today. “Fusarium can be a devastating disease, so we’re excited to bring this new product to growers.”

Miravis Top gives farmers another tool to control soybean diseases.

The fungicide helps manage frogeye leaf spot, target spot and Septoria brown spot, Tedford explained.

“Top is combination of Adepidyn and difenoconazole and is an excellent product for control for frogeye leaf spot, which is becoming a problem in some southern geographies,” he said. “It also helps protect against white mold, which I think is very exciting for soybean growers.”

And Miravis Neo helps corn and soybean farmers control a variety of diseases.

The fungicide helps control gray leaf spot and leaf blight in corn, as well as white mold, frogeye leaf spot and Septoria leaf spot in soybeans.

 The product is a three-way chemistry combination of Adepidyn, propiconazole and azoxystrobin, and has added plant-health benefits, Tedford said.

“Growers realize they more than likely will have disease pressure and will have to control it,” he said. “Miravis Neo contains two active ingredients that give plants physiological benefits that boost yield and give farmers a return on investment.,” he said.

“So even if disease pressure is low, Miravis Neo isn’t a wasted bullet because of the added plant benefits.”

The commercialization of the Miravis products are subject to state licenses, Tedford said.

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