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The Cockshutt 30: a popular and iconic tractor

Painted pumpkin orange and sold as the Co-op E3 in the United States

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By Rachel Gingell

The Cockshutt 30 was the first modern tractor designed and built in Canada. These tractors were so popular they’ve even been featured on a Canadian postage stamp! The tractor’s reputation as a reliable powerhouse is well deserved.

Cockshutt eagerly planned the model 30 tractor, but its plans were interrupted by the Second World War. Its factories switched over to wartime production, but the dream of a new tractor stayed alive. Cockshutt received special permission from the Wartime Production Board to continue working on the tractor’s development during the war. When the war was over, it was ready to swoop in and get going! Production began in 1946 and by 1947 Cockshutt was off and running with a full production year.

These tractors are iconic, with a beautifully styled hood and a snappy paint job. They’re more than just a pretty exterior, though! These tractors are rugged and have survived the test of time.

Left to right: Cockshutt 30 and Co-op E3

In addition to being the first Canadian production tractor, the Cockshutt 30 has another claim to fame: it was the first production tractor in the world with a live PTO system.

The live PTO was a huge innovation - too big to keep to themselves! Since Cockshutt didn’t have a dealer network south of the border, it worked with other companies to market its tractors in the United States. Tractors that were produced for sale in the U.S were painted pumpkin orange and sold as the Co-op E3. Other than the paint job, these tractors were exactly the same.

The only drawback is the parts situation for these tractors. Despite the Cockshutt 30’s widespread popularity in Canada and the Plains states, aftermarket parts distributors don’t offer a complete line of replacement parts. Rings and gaskets are easy enough to come by, but the parts that you’ll need for a heavy-duty restoration (sleeves and pistons) will have to come from a salvage yard.

The Cockshutt 30 enjoyed a long production run, spanning from 1946 to 1957. These days, the Cockshutt 30 is still a good choice for farmers looking for a rugged, basic 30 horsepower tractor. The live PTO makes it especially useful. 

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