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The Future of Plant Protein

The Future of Plant Protein

A vision for Canada to become the global leader in plant protein

By Propa Roy Co-op student

During Canada’s Farm Show held virtually in mid-June Bill Greuel, Chief Executive Officer of Protein Industries Canada gave an overview of Protein Industries Canada’s organization and projects.

Global food consumption is increasing, with a particular need for additional protein. Canada is ideally positioned to satisfy this need as a reliable food and feed provider. The aim of Protein Industries Canada is for Canada to become the global leader in plant protein.

Protein Industries Canada wants to address some of the most pressing issues in the global agri-food system, such as food security, climate change, sustainability, and human health to become a global leader in plant protein.

Protein Industries Canada and its partners will invest $300 million over the next four years to transform the protein value-added processing sector. The company's aim is to create connections and spark collaboration between agriculture and food processing. 

“We need to keep continued focus on innovation from seed genetics through to end use product and we need products that taste good and are affordable” added Gruel.

Three years into its initial five-year mandate, the company has 34 active projects that are creating 889 direct jobs. They are also collaborating with 50 academic and research institutions, including universities, colleges, government labs, the National Research Council, and food centers.

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