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The record-setting Case IH Steiger 620

This tractor carries on the company’s legacy – with stunning advances

IN THE SHOP with Rachel

By Rachel Gingell

It was the talk of the National Farm Machinery show: the record-setting Case IH Steiger 620. This new tractor is the pinnacle of the Steiger line and a truly impressive piece of machinery.

If you’ve been reading my work for long, then it’s no surprise to you that I was drawn to the Case IH booth. Farmall tractors are some of the family favorites – my dad’s H and my mom’s M sit side by side in the barn, so I can’t help but love these red beauties. The new Case IH Steiger 620 carries on the legacy of these old, classic tractors in a huge, show-stopping fashion.

The Case IH Steiger 620 tractor already existed in an impressive Quadtrac configuration but the wheeled tractor recently made its debut at the University of Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory. The results: not one, but three new records.

Case IH Steiger 620

This tractor took home the record for highest drawbar fuel efficiency, outperforming every tractor ever tested at the Nebraska facility. Anyone who’s driven a gas-guzzling vehicle (tractor or an everyday car) understands the frustration of burning fuel unnecessarily. This record-setting efficiency will save the operator money every hour the tractor runs.

The second record this tractor broke is in drawbar horsepower. If you’re looking for maximum pulling power, look no further: the Steiger 620 can’t be beat. (At least, not by anything the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory has ever seen.)

The final record is the maximum pull. Steiger 620 is the strongest tractor ever tested – meaning that if you buy this tractor, you might need to upgrade your implements too!

This tractor was the talk of the show for more than just its records, though: it’s also got plenty of creature comforts. I was impressed by the 40 degree swivel seat, the multi-control armrest and the spectacular lighting options available. Case IH has done what they can to make maintenance easy, too – all of the regular fluids can be checked and refilled at ground level. 


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