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The Results Are In! Canadians Voted For Most Iconic Food

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Can you guess what Canadian’s voted as the nation’s top food? The CBC hosted their final “What is Canadian Food?” series last night where they engaged in a live discussion about what types of food is Canada known for. Often, there are iconic dishes known to each region throughout the country such as Saskatoon berries, tourtiere in Quebec but the bigger question is there one dish that is representative of all Canada?

Foodie’s from across the country weighed in on the question through major social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. There was a compiled list of the top 10 nominated foods that were put to a vote. According to this series - the national food would be maple syrup! The other dishes in the running were poutine, Nanaimo bars, smoked salmon and butter tarts.

For those if you who missed out on all the fun you can replay the chat broadcast where the celebrity guest hosts - Mark McEwan, Aaron Joseph Bear Robe and Carl Heinrich.

As Canadian’s gear up across the country for Canada Day celebrations this weekend don’t forget to enjoy a swig of some maple syrup!


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