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Turkey Farmers of Sask. make donations

Turkey Farmers of Sask. make donations

Donations from Turkey Farmers of Saskatchewan to local and provincial organizations are aimed at helping people in need

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Members of the Turkey Farmers of Saskatchewan are doing their part to help individuals in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This month, the organization donated $5,000 to Food Banks of Saskatchewan, said Michelle Alting-Mees. She is a board co-administrator of Turkey Farmers of Saskatchewan.

“Because we're involved in food, we wanted to … help people who can't (afford) it,” she told

The organization also participated in the Turkey Farmers of Canada Wishbone project. In one branch of the project, participants across eight provinces in Canada donated a total of $25,000. So, Saskatchewan had just over $3,000 from the national organization to donate to three projects or organizations of their choice, said Alting-Mees.

The Saskatchewan producer group gave EGADZ in Saskatoon, Heart of Seniors Gathering in Prince Alberta, and Lobby Kitchen and Bar in Regina each around $1,000 to help with programming, she said.

Lobby Kitchen and Bar provides breakfast to kids in need during COVID-19. Heart of Seniors Gathering creates hampers of food and personal hygiene items for seniors who are isolated because of the pandemic. Finally, EGADZ is a non-profit organization that offers services, including a food program, for children and their families.

“We're small, but we want to contribute where we can,” said Alting-Mees.

The organization’s staff will continue to support individuals in need this year, she added.

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