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Two B.C. dairy farmers found guilty of selling raw milk

Two B.C. dairy farmers found guilty of selling raw milk

By Amanda Brodhagen,

Two Chilliwack, B.C. dairy operators have been found guilty for ignoring a court order to stop distributing raw milk.

Raw milk advocate Michael Schmidt and Gordon Watson - joint operators of the dairy, were told by a B.C. Supreme Court that if they continue to distribute raw milk they will be sent to jail for three months.

The dairy cooperative produces unpasteurized (raw) milk for people who own shares in the dairy cows. While it is legal in B.C for farmers to drink their own raw milk, it is illegal for Canadian farmers to sell raw milk to the public. Watson argues that since the people own shares in the herd, they can legally use their own raw milk products.

Canadian law requires all milk sold in Canada to be pasteurized, as raw milk can contain harmful bacteria including salmonella, E. coli and Listeria. Raw milk opponents claim that pasteurization kills on the health benefits of milk.

Michael Schmidt has been charged with similar acts in Ontario.


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