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Two Cdn. seed companies join forces

Two Cdn. seed companies join forces

WinField United Canada and Country Farm Seeds are entering a partnership that will benefit farmers across eastern Canada 

By Jackie Clark
Staff Writer

WinField United Canada has formed a partnership with Country Farm Seeds, effective September 2020, which should benefit Canadian customers of both companies in time for the 2021 season.

C & L Seed Production Group is a production arm of Country Farm Seeds, and both are located in Blenheim, Ont. WinField United Canada is based in Saskatoon, and the company owns the CROPLAN seed brand, explained Kaitland Miller. She’s a market development manager for southern Ontario for WinField United Canada.  

“We’re pumped about the partnership. The pairing is basically a win-win on both ends – especially for farmers,” she said. The partnership “allows both companies to play on their strengths, so C & L Seeds can focus on its strength of local seed production, storage and transportation. And then Winfield United Canada can focus on its strength of size, accessing elite genetics and primarily focusing on the sales and support aspect.”

WinField United Canada and Country Farm Seeds will pool resources to scale up local production of seed in eastern Canada.

“The resulting synergy of this business partnership will provide farmers in eastern Canada with high-performance genetics that are produced in Canada at a competitive price,” said a July 23 press release from WinField United.

Joining forces should allow for “improved efficiencies and locally grown products,” Miller added. The move is part of WinField United Canada’s commitment to growing its name and product offerings for the Canadian market.

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