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University of Guelph Appoints World’s First “Food Laureate”

University of Guelph Shows Leadership In Food Advocacy With Honorary Appointment

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The University of Guelph – one of Canada’s leading Universities known internationally for its agriculture and food related research, is attempting to bring more attention to its reputation for paving the way for internationally renowned food research with the creation of an honorary appointment title called “Food Laureate.”

“This historic appointment is a significant step towards strengthening U of G’s reputation as ‘Canada’s food university,’” said Alastair Summerlee, University of Guelph President.

The “Food Laureate” or food ambassador would seek to promote the University of Guelph’s culinary contributions through public awareness campaigns and events with the goal of enhancing the connections between primary producers – farmers and consumers – the public. The University of Guelph appointed Anita Steward as the first ever Food Laureate, a well-known expert in the area food and Canadian cuisine as a deserving recipient of the honorary title.

Stewart is no stranger to the culinary and food world and has been instrumental in creating Food Day Canada, which is known today as a national event that celebrates Canadian Food and began as an attempt to support Canadian beef farmers during the 2003 BSE crisis. Some of her other accomplishments include, being appointed to the Order of Canada in 2012, co-authoring 14 books about food and wine and was the first Canadian to graduate with a masters in gastronomy.

“My goal is to continue to explore how U of G has set our national and international tables with both talent and ingredients. And while I’m at it, I intend to recognize some very real culinary heroes whom all of Canada can celebrate,” Stewart said in a press release.

The Food Laureate is a two-year appointment that will work closely with the Ontario Agriculture College and the College of Management and Economics. The term “Laureate” is used to describe someone who is honoured for great achievements or distinction. The honorary “Food Laureate” appointment is thought to be the first of its kind in the world.


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