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US crop report - Wheat and corn show promising growth


According to the latest USDA Crop Progress report, winter wheat and corn across the U.S. are showing promising signs. In Oklahoma, winter wheat good to excellent ratings have soared to 52% from a mere 7% last year. Sorghum and peanuts are also progressing, with slight variations from the five-year averages.

Corn planting nationally is slightly down from last year but shows resilience with 36% planted. Soybean and cotton planting is progressing, with early signs of emergence suggesting a robust growing season ahead.

In Kansas, the surge in winter wheat conditions from last year’s lows is particularly noteworthy. Alongside, corn and soybean planting is ahead of schedule, positioning Kansas farmers for potentially high yields.

Texas presents a mixed picture, with wheat showing better health than last year but concerns persisting over pasture conditions. The state has seen a notable increase in cotton planting, benefiting from favorable conditions.

The report encapsulates the dynamic nature of agricultural production, offering a detailed look at crop conditions and planting progress. Such insights are vital for farmers planning their activities and for stakeholders monitoring agricultural trends and preparing for the market impacts.

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