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US farmers fight proposed drone ban

Chinese drone maker targeted, Ag industry fears disruption


A proposed US law targeting Chinese drone maker DJI has sparked controversy in the agricultural sector. The Countering CCP Drones Act aims to restrict the use of DJI drones, which dominate the agricultural spraying market.

Farmers heavily rely on drone spraying for its efficiency, precision, and ability to access difficult terrains. A ban on DJI drones could significantly disrupt agricultural practices and raise production costs.

Opponents of the bill argue that readily available public data makes the information drones collect irrelevant for espionage. They emphasize the lack of viable US alternatives in terms of affordability and performance.

DJI maintains their drones adhere to security standards and offer local data mode for offline operation. They argue the legislation is based on unfounded security concerns and limits farmer access to vital technology.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) may include the drone ban, raising concerns as it bypasses regular scrutiny. The agricultural industry is lobbying lawmakers to carve out an exemption for agricultural uses of drones.

The outcome of the legislation will determine the future of drone technology in US agriculture. Farmers urge lawmakers to consider the potential negative impact on rural communities and their ability to compete globally.

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