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Video shows farmer chasing runaway tractor

Tractor crashes through a fence and some bushes

By Diego Flammini
Assistant Editor, North American Content

Footage from a farm in England shows a farmer running down his tractor after it crashed through fencing and into some trees.

According to Express, Terry Davis was lighting a bonfire at his 15-acre farm. He left the tractor running while starting the fire and the tractor took off.

“I had been dumping some stuff on a bonfire and parked the tractor in a jack-knife position so it wouldn’t run away,” he told Express. I jumped off to set the fire going.”

The video captures the machine crashing through three sets of fences and into trees.

Davis said he heard the tractor go past him and tried to run it down with the intention of jumping in front of the David Brown 885 tractor, but it was going too fast.

The tractor narrowly missed an electrical substation and stable containing horses that belong to Davis’ ex-wife.

After collecting himself and realizing that no animals or people were injured, and the tractor escaped with only a damaged tire, Davis re-watched the footage for a laugh.

“It was very dramatic but when I watched it back I thought it was comedy gold,” he told Express. “I’m not embarrassed by it, it was a total one-off.”