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Viterra builds new terminal in Man.

Viterra builds new terminal in Man.

The terminal will have a 134-car loop track

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The Viterra Rosser, Man. terminal is getting an overhaul.

“We've been in the area for about 100 years servicing growers in the immediate Rosser area and the surrounding areas. (But) the facility in Rosser doesn't allow us to effectively handle the customer base that's available to us there,” said Kyle Jeworski. He is the president and CEO for North America with Viterra.

The new facility is under construction and slated to finish in the fall of 2021. The terminal has 34,000 metric tonnes of storage capacity. The facility also features a 134-car loop track, allowing staff to continuously load a train, said Jeworski.

Since producers in the area keeping evolving and growing their operations, the larger, more efficient terminal will help the industry, said Jeworski.

“We value (growers’) time. So, if we can get them through our facility more efficiently, that's a better use of their time,” he told

Since the new terminal is larger than the current one, growers should see economic benefits, said Jeworski.

“The ability to load larger trains and to service more markets with the size and scope of that facility will translate into better farm gate pricing in the area for us. So, there's a lot of economic and operational benefits to farmers in the area,” he said.

While the new facility is under construction, Viterra staff will direct growers to the company’s terminals in the surrounding region, said Jeworski.

The expanded capacity at the new terminal will also create seven jobs.

“We will employ the employees from the past facility but, with the larger size and scope, we need to hire additional resources. We expect, when we're done that, we'll have about 12 full time staff at the facility,” said Jeworski.

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