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Flea beetle control in canola

Jul 20, 2020
By Guest Contributor

Scouting and control tips for flea beetles in canola interviewed Justin Krieger, Marketing Development Representative at Bayer Crop Science, to learn more about flea beetles in Western Canada.  He shares crop scouting tips and a new insecticide for flea beetle control in canola.

Krieger says the incidence of flea beetles in western Canada has been variable this year.  In some areas of western Canada, flea beetle infestations have been high, yet in other areas they have seen considerably less.  Where area with drought have been hardest hit, since the plant has not had a good growing opportunity.

Krieger recommends early season canola scouting to catch any flea beetle damage.  He explains that flea beetles can overwinter in the ditches around the field and advises farmers to scout the edges of the fields where most of the flea beetles will be coming in from. 

Krieger says that when scouting farmers should try to identify the flea beetle species in their field.  There are  two major flea beetle species:  the Striped and the Crucifer flea beetle.  “The Stripe flea beetle tend to be a little bit more aggressive, and hungry,” says Krieger. 

Decision making time is around 25% of the crop feeding.

For flea beetle control, Krieger says Bayer Crop Science is working on a new insecticide seed treatment called Buteo Start.  The active ingredient is flupyradifurone.  "In the trials that we've been looking at it's done a phenomenal job against both striped and crucifer flea beetles.  I’ve never seen a seed treatment have such a dramatic effect on flea beetles as this new product.”  Krieger says,“I personally think it's going to be a game changer out there for canola growers just because it's such an effective active ingredient on flea beetles.”

Side by Side trials showed a dramatic difference.  

Buteo Start insecticide seed treatment will be available in the Western Canada marketplace this year. It is not a neonicotinoid, it is in the insecticide group 4D.

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