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Warm summer thunderstorms expected around Ontario

AccuWeather releases 2017 forecast

Brian Hess

This summer is shaping up to bring rounds of thunderstorms to Ontario. Severe weather is expected to increase in July and August.

Humidity is not anticipated to be a threat – no tornado risk is forecasted.  

“This (lack of humidity) is due to cold fronts passing through the region on a regular basis, limiting the frequency that RealFeel® Temperatures reach dangerous levels,” Brett Anderson, AccuWeather Canadian weather expert, said in a release yesterday., landscapestorm

AccuWeather generates these projections based on past trends. The company compares current ocean temperatures, overall weather patterns and precipitation records to past records, dating back to 1950.

Water temperature of the Great Lakes has a major impact on climate in Ontario and northern states. A mild spring and lack of surface ice over the lakes suggests our climate will warm up rapidly, an AccuWeather report analyst said in a telephone interview.

Cold ocean water on the coasts is responsible for the cool spring, he said.

Ontario temperatures at the start of May are expected to be one of two degrees lower than average for this time of year, but are projected to rise towards the end of the month.

Mid-western Ontario will be hit with torrential rain in the next 36 hours. AccuWeather predicts storms to clear up next week.


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