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Why Prevention is the Best Cure for Farmers


Soreness is almost considered a requirement when working in the farming business, with our muscles and joints constantly being overworked on any given day. While pain is sometimes a measure of how hard we work, it can also be a warning sign that our bodies may be showing early symptoms of arthritis or rheumatic disease.

In the United States arthritis and rheumatic conditions affect more than 50 million individuals; and farmers are often at a high risk for developing a rheumatic condition, which is a broad term used to describe over 100 rheumatic diseases. Rheumatic conditions affect our joints as well as surrounding tissue, with the severity and location of symptoms being dependent on the specific disease that affects our bodies. Age, gender and genetics also play a role in the likelihood of developing arthritis. Women are also more likely to be afflicted by these conditions. Of all individuals diagnosed with arthritis and rheumatic conditions, 60 percent are women.

It is important to know if you are at risk of developing arthritis or a rheumatic condition. Farmers especially need to take care as repetitive tasks are common place in farming. Ignoring joint pain increases the risk of developing conditions that are incurable. Constant pain can also increase stress and ignoring treatment can lead to other conditions affecting more than joints. Performing actions in ways that reduce stress on our joints, and reducing excess body weight are helpful in terms of prevention.

There are ways to prevent the spread and development of arthritis and rheumatic conditions. There are even ways to reduce pain when dealing with these diseases. However, once we have a condition – it’s more than likely that it will stay with us. Farmers need to take care when performing duties so they can keep doing what they do. Small changes in the repetitive tasks performed and physical activity are simple ways to keep our joints strong. While increasing physical activity seems like a chore, it can be accomplished through simple changes in our lifestyle. Going for a swim or enjoying time with our grandchildren are simple but effective ways we can avoid pain and enjoy life.

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