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Wind Energy Doubles Contribution to Ontario Electricity Supply

The 2013 Ontario Electricity Data report released by the of Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operators (IESO) confirms that wind energy production in Ontario has doubled over the past four years. According to the report, the annual Ontario production of wind energy has grown from 2.3 TWh in 2009 to  5.2 TWh in 2013.   That translates into wind generating enough electricity to power 550,000 Ontario homes in 2013.   

 “We believe that future electricity supply in Ontario should be drawn from a balanced mix of new wind energy, in combination with natural gas and other renewable energy sources, to ensure that Ontario has a reliable, robust and cost-competitive electricity system,” says CanWEA President Robert Hornung.

“The 100 communities across Canada that host wind energy operations, developments and businesses, as well as Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP), recognize that wind energy is a proven, reliable and cost-competitive energy solution that drives economic diversification, environmental sustainability and rate-base value,” he says.

CanWEA predicts that wind energy will continue to increase significantly over the next few years as more energy projects get added into the power grid.  

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