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Winning plays for super bowl food safety & local flavor


Super Bowl Sunday is a time for fun, food, and football. However, experts reminds us that a successful party is more than just good company and a thrilling game; it's also about serving food safely and choosing local ingredients.  

Here's your game plan for a memorable, safe, and locally inspired Super Bowl celebration: 

  • Start with a Clean Slate: Proper handwashing and clean cooking surfaces are your first line of defense against unwanted guests like bacteria and viruses. 

  • Team Separation: Keep raw meats and vegetables in separate teams to prevent cross-contamination. This simple step can keep everyone healthy and ready to enjoy the game. 

  • Timing is Everything: Foods shouldn't stay in the Danger Zone (between 40°F and 140°F) for over two hours. Plan your servings to ensure food stays safe to eat. 

  • Temperature Tactics: Use a food thermometer to confirm that everything from chicken wings to chili is cooked to perfection. Safe temperatures mean delicious and healthy meals. 

  • Root for Local: Choosing local ingredients not only supports local farmers but also brings fresh, tasty, and unique options to your Super Bowl spread. 

Adopting these strategies ensures your Super Bowl party will be remembered for the right reasons: great food, great company, and support for local agriculture. Let's make this Super Bowl celebration safe and delicious! 

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