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Xl Foods Ousts Workers Again While Massive Beef Recall List Grows

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Xl Foods plant employees are being jerked around again after the company’s 800 workers that were laid off temporarily on Sunday are now once again out of work. The beef plant finished processing the 5,100 carcases that were detained in the facility when their licence was suspended. The workers were recalled to finish processing the remaining carcasses left in the plant and now that this task is complete, the workers are left to wait until Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) gives approval for the plant to re-open as early as Friday or Monday.

While workers are left worrying if they will have a job, the CFIA has announced another recall - this time for a variety of meat products ranging from beef stew, kidneys, liver, heart, tongue and oxtail. These additional products were produced on the dates of Aug. 24, 27, 28, 29 and Sept. 5, 2012. The meat products were sold under the brands of Freson Bros., IGA, and Market Place IGA sold in the provinces of B.C. and Alberta.


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