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The Data Behind Smart Farming

Jul 27, 2016

“The public isn’t necessarily aware of all of the expertise that goes into food production.”

That’s what Kevin Grant, Chief Technology Officer of FarmersEdge, said when he sat down for an interview. Kevin and the team at FarmersEdge build software and tools that help growers and agronomists get the most out of their land. Their Precision Edge software analyzes data, — whether it come from sensors on the ground, in the air, or in space — to help farmers make better decisions about their crops.


FarmersEdge integrates Planet’s frequent satellite imagery  into their precision agriculture technology, giving growers the most up-to-date information about their fields so that they can take immediate action to correct crop-related issues before they affect yields.


“We use satellite imagery to border our fields. When a producer signs up, we can basically outline what part of that field will be under production” says, Grant. “Before satellite imagery, you had to traverse those borders with a truck or some kind of GPS device. Now because we’ve got these [satellite] revisit times that are measured in days, we can present the grower with images of their field throughout the season and potentially alert them when there’s an issue.”


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