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2018 Cropland and Pasture Value Changes

By Shannon Sand
Weighted-average state cropland values were basically unchanged from 2017 to 2018, with a slight increase of less than one percent at 0.9%. However, pasture/rangeland weighted-average value increased 3.0% statewide. Reported values by region are shown in Figure 1. See the full report for complete details.
Weighted-average cropland values reported in the 2018 SDSU Extension South Dakota Farm Real Estate Survey showed the changes between 2018 and 2017 to differ broadly between regions. The Northwest reported a 19.9% increase and the Southwest reported a decrease of 15.4%.
Pasture/rangeland weighted-average values reported increased 20.2% in the Northwest while the Northcentral reported a decrease of 10.2%.
Figure 1. Average value of South Dakota cropland and pasture/rangeland, by region, February 2018, dollars per acre.
Crop = all non-irrigated cropland including alfalfa
Pasture = all grass land
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