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4-H Streamlines The Organization

There's a merger happening involving 4-H in Alberta.
The three partners that make up the organization, the 4-H Council, 4-H Foundation and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry have come together as 4-H Alberta.
Chair of the Council Lanny Anderson says there will be one board with one CEO.
"We'll still have responsibility to be good stewards of the assets and investments, such as the 4-H Centre, the scholarships, those types of things that have been entrusted to 4-H and that will be governed by the 4-H Foundation of Alberta under the direction of a Board of Trustees which will work with that same CEO," Anderson says. "So operationally at the provincial level we'll be more streamlined, more effective and we'll be able to provide better programming for our members and make sure that we continue to have fun."
He says during extensive consultations they heard loud and clear that a more coordinated structure was needed to help grow and expand 4-H to a broader audience.
"Currently we have, the 4-H Council is the grassroots representation for the province so there's an elected members from each of the regions and two Directors At Large where we look at different skills and assets and abilities that we might need at that particular time and we put an open call out for people to apply for the Directors," he says. "In this new structure we're going to be creating an interim board which will hopefully be able to look at what is needed going forward in 4-H Alberta and grassroots regional representation is definitely something that's part of the criteria along with many other skills sets that we'll need to continue being successful for the next 100 years."
He says once that's done they'll put out the call for a permanent board.
The Province has committed $1 million per year for the next ten years.
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