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5 Key Features Of The John Deere 7230 That Are Critical For Planting Success

For a successful planting season, several components need to come together, including favorable planting conditions, a motivated farmer(s), and appropriate machinery and equipment to put the farmer in the best position to realize success.

The John Deere 7230 is a versatile machine that possesses several features that are critical for planting success. In this post, we will take a look at 5 key features and discuss how each one can assist farmers in achieving all of their planting season goals.

1) Innovative Hydraulic System: The John Deere 7230 features a closed-center, pressure-and-flow compensated (PFC) hydraulic system with 29 gpm of flow to the remotes and 405 psi to 2900 psi of variable working pressure. Depending on the size of the load being placed on the machine, a valve on the pump can immediately initiate pump flow when needed. Benefits of the hydraulic system include a reduced load on the engine, improved fuel efficiency, and enhanced engine cooling, which are all critical during long days of planting on the field.

2) PowerTech Engine: This machine features a 6.8 L air-to-water after-cooled engine that provides power to a wide range of rpm.  The power found in this engine allows the operator to push or pull through the toughest planting conditions, and an electronic fuel injection system  senses engine load and instantly responds as needed in order to pull through tough spots. Fewer shifts due to the fuel injection system result in less downshifting, which translates to fewer ground variations and more overall tractor productivity.

3) Laforge GreenLink Hitches: We understand the planting process extends beyond the tractor itself. The 7230 includes a series of Laforge hitches (the St3 standard, St4.2 standard, and Pr4.2 premium hitch) that enable attachments of all sizes to be added to the tractor to assist with the planting process. The premium hitch is especially useful for farmers during the planting season; in fact, it’s recommended for heavy-duty usage or when extreme shock loads are expected due to tillage implements.

4) CommandCenter: This feature ties tractor controls and tractor performance into one friendly interface. The CommandCenter allows adjustments across the tractor, including the hitch, hydraulic system, and other features, which boosts overall productivity. It also has embedded performance monitor capabilities, including PTO speed, coolant temperature, engine hours, engine speed, hitch lift limit, and much more, to provide operators with an interface to monitor their machines while in the field.

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