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55% of all agriculture and food jobs tied to hog sector, new research finds

55% of all agriculture and food processing jobs in Manitoba are tied to the hog sector, according to an independent economic impact analysis released today by Manitoba Pork. Numbers compiled by Serecon also show that the provincial hog sector contributes 22,000 jobs across Manitoba in both urban and rural communities, as well as over $2.3 billion to the provincial GDP annually. Each year, Manitoba’s hog sector directly contributes $139 million to the provincial government in tax revenue, and another $87 million in municipal tax revenue.

“The contributions of Manitoba’s hog farming and pork processing sector to the provincial economy are substantial and show that our sector is an economic powerhouse for communities both large and small,” said Rick Préjet, chair of Manitoba Pork. “Our direct and indirect financial support allows both the provincial and municipal governments to fund key priorities, like health care, education, and infrastructure. The growth and success of urban and rural communities can be directly tied to hog farming and value-added processing.”

Manitoba’s hog sector continues to reinforce its commitment to the province. Over 40 new barn sites or expansions have been approved across the province since 2017, adding over $200 million in new private investment in primary agricultural production. Manitoba’s hog sector is also attracting new value-added investment, such as the recent $182 million expansion of the Maple Leaf Foods bacon facility in Winnipeg, last week’s announcement of the $52.8 million expansion at Winkler Meats, and the $35 million invested by the genetics company Topigs Norsvin on a new facility just outside of Plumas.

“Manitoba’s hog sector looks forward to continuing our legacy of growth and sustainability in the coming years, with the right conditions in which to expand local economies, build new barns, and continue to employ over 22,000 Manitobans,” added Préjet. “We will continue to work with our partners across the province, including both the provincial and municipal governments, on ensuring our sector supports our communities for decades to come.”

Source : Manitoba Pork

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