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6 Reasons the John Deere D450 Will Simplify Your Small Grain Harvest

Small grain harvesting season is the time of year when farmers begin to realize the results of all the work they’ve put into the planting season. As agricultural technology continues to advance, new machines and equipment become available that can simplify the harvesting process.

In this post, we’ll take a look at one of these new advances: the John Deere D450. Boasting many features that can assist with your small grain harvest this season, the JD D450 will help remove some of the stress that comes with long days in the field. So let’s take a look!

1. Powerful Engine and Simple Maintenance: The Tier-3 compliant John Deere PowerTech E 6.8L, six-cylinder, turbocharged engine inside the D450 has the power to fulfill the higher productivity standards of commercial harvesters. The 200hp engine offers enough power to match even the toughest rotary-cutting conditions; if a problem does arise, all engine service points are located on the left-hand side of the engine for operator convenience and a quick fix.

2. Compatibility: The John Deere D450 is a versatile machine, providing small grain crop producers with the option to connect with a variety of John Deere drapers. The D450 is compatible with the John Deere 625D, 630D, 635D, and 640D draper platforms, offering grain harvesters a machine that will connect with the preferred draper.

3. CommandCenter at Operator’s Fingertips: Full command of the machine is available on the armrest display, designated for draper applications. The location of the CommandCenter allows for an unobstructed view of the head while providing insight through various informational pages. These pages include the CommandCenter home screen (header height, belt speed, vehicle/platform hours, etc.), Draper information page, Draper setup page, and Active alarms page, giving the operator a complete digital look into their functions. 

4. Consistent Production with AutoTrac: All John Deere D450s are AutoTrac Universal (ATU) ready, ensuring that more of the platform is engaging crop at all times, which leads to increased productivity. The automated steering and guidance system provides more consistent windrows, longer operating hours, less fatigue, and more acres cut in less time, at a lower cost.

5. Powerful Lighting System: During the small grain harvest, long hours can often translate into harvesting during the night, or during unfavorable conditions. The D450 includes six exterior halogen lights to fully illuminate the cutting area in front of the platform, as well as two rear-mounted lights.  Additional lighting features are also available to provide even more light to the sides and rear of the windrower, as needed.

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