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A Tough Year Of Farming In Vulcan County

2018 was one of the tougher years for farming out in Vulcan County.

Ag Feildman, Kelly Malmberg, says this Spring, the snow disappeared within days in a runoff which didn't leave much moisture for seeding.

"We basically fought an uphill battle, pretty much from May on. The vision of having that sink in the ground looked pretty promising, but it just never happened and then we never got the moisture. It was just overall a hot, dry year."

To top it all off, Malmberg says the snow in September and October made for a long harvest.

But he says, even though yields weren't great, farmers are seeing some pretty good prices for their crops.

"That's the sad thing. Yields weren't great but we have fairly healthy crop prices. Wheat, canola and barley are quite strong right now, so whatever people had commodity wise I think we're okay."

Malmberg says, now farmers could use some snow for moisture over the winter, as things are still pretty dry.

He says, if there's no moisture from this winter, it's going to make for an interesting start to 2019.

Source : Discoverairdrie

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