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Acuity and Fast Genetics join forces to create AcuFast

Acuity and Fast Genetics, two swine genetics companies wholly owned by STgenetics, are excited to officially announce their joint brand, AcuFast.

Since the purchase of Acuity in February of 2022, the companies have worked diligently to fully understand how best to combine their teams, infrastructure, products, and resources. They have introduced a new structure that allows for a greater product offering, a superior technology platform, and a combined technical solutions team that will better enable AcuFast’s partners to succeed.

The name AcuFast represents what they will deliver to the industry; the name combines the words “accuracy” and “fast”, two key components of the genetic improvement equation. The name was also selected to encompass the legacy of both brands; “Acu” for Acuity, meaning sharpness of thought, and “Fast” to pay homage to the 41-year-old business founded by Harold Fast.

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