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Advice For Dealing With Unharvested Crops

Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC) has some advice for farmers with crop still left out in the field.

David Koroscil is MASC's Manager of Claim Services.

"If you're planning on harvesting those acres, you don't necessarily need to contact us, you just need to go out, finish harvesting it and then contact our office so that we can either finalize your claim or update your harvested production report," he said. "If you feel the crop is not worth harvesting, or has deteriorated throughout the winter to a point where its not salvageable, you definitely want to contact our office so that we can go have another look at it."

Koroscil notes most farmers identified unharvested crops in the harvested production reports that were due last November. He says at that time, about 420,000 acres did not get harvested, however there has been some corn and sunflower harvest done over the winter.

Due to COVID-19, masc offices are now closed to the public, however employees are still available over the phone or electronically.

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