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Ag In Motion Discovery Plus Announces Innovation Program Winners

On Day 1 of Ag in Motion Discovery Plus, they announced the winners in their Innovation Program. 
The program highlights products that are new to the market or concepts that have the potential to positively impact and advance the agriculture industry.
The Plant and Soil Science Category acknowledge new technology that will help with disease prevention and diagnosis or increased plant quality and yield this year's winner was Xarvio Digital Farming Solutions for their Field Manager.  The program allows producers to protect the highest production zones of their canola crop while avoiding areas with no economic benefit.
The Animal and Livestock Category showcases new technology that assists in the health and well-being of livestock including feed, harvesting, and processing. This year's winner was PhiBer Manufacturing out of Crystal City, Manitoba for their Triple Cutter Tool Bar.  The bar can carry three New Holland H5 sickle hay bines (16 to 18 ft)  or three MacDon R85 disc heads  (16 ft).  The unit gives the operator unprecedented savings in time, labor, fuel, and cutting capacity. 
Saskatchewan based Redekop Manufacturing took the top honor in Agriculture Equipment for their Seed Control Unit - a harvest weed seed control solution.
In the Agribusiness Services Category, the honor went to AgVisor Pro for their Tech Direct Solution - which makes a face to face connection between potential customers and company reps remotely.
You can check out all the finalists and category winners online as part of Ag In Motion's Discovery Plus event.
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