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Ag In The Classroom Launches Virtual Farm Tour Program

Agriculture in the Classroom Manitoba (AITC-M) has launched Follow the Farmers, a new virtual farm tour program for students in Grades 3-6.

“This new program will help bring farming and agriculture to classrooms across the province in a time when getting out to a farm is just not possible,” said Sue Clayton, AITC-M’s Executive Director. “Since students can’t go to the farm, we’re bringing the farms to them, giving them the opportunity to learn, ask questions and increase their overall ag literacy.”

Students will have the opportunity to tour local Manitoba farms and engage with Manitoba farmers to learn about where their food comes from.

In the first year students will tour the following farms:

- Herbsigwil Farms – to learn about how weather impacts farming – October 26
- Signer Dairy Farm – November 17
- Blue Ribbon Swine and Prairie View Pork – February (date TBA)
- Dusty Ridge Ranch (sheep) – May (date TBA)

Each tour will also have a curriculum-linked activity or resource for the teachers to use, along with a lesson plan to bring it all together. The video tours will be pre-recorded, by Penner Farm Services, to help avoid technical difficulties when inside barns and in rural areas.

“It’s so important to teach kids where their food comes from,” said Ashley Graye of Penner Farm Services, “that’s why we’re so happy to partner with AITC-M on this program to help bring the farm to students and really show them what agriculture is all about.”

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