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AG'S most Energetic Event Returns to Calgary

The FARM FORUM EVENT, a unique experience for innovative farmers and their trusted advisors, hosted by AGRI-TREND®, returns to the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre. The FARM FORUM EVENT brings over 1,000 attendees together to see the latest innovations, learn from top experts from the world's leading agricultural companies, and share information among the largest growers from Canada and the United States.
Attendees of the FARM FORUM EVENT manage more than 6 million acres each year. In interviews, sponsors cite the high quality of the attendees and the unique format of the FARM FORUM EVENT as primary reasons why they choose to participate in the show. You can view portions of the interviews on the AGRI-TREND channel here.
The focus of all six FARM FORUM EVENT keynotes and breakout session presentations is to help growers and their trusted advisors learn about new tools, the latest innovations, and better ways to reach their business goals. The theme for the conference is LEARN & GROW.
The FARM FORUM EVENT was conceived by AGRI-TREND, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary during the event this year. The company provides professional advisory services to growers through the AGRI-TREND Network of experts known as coaches. These independent AGRI-TREND Coach Professionals™ work with growers to help them make unbiased agronomic and marketing decisions throughout the year.
Source : Farm Forum Event