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Ag Tire Talk: Combine Duals vs. Super Singles vs. Tracks


MAXAM: “The biggest driver of combine-harvester tire choices will be dictated by the type of crop and farming practices.”

Yokohama TWS: “Small grain crops stems are weaker reducing the possibility to damage the tires- Super Singles are the predominate choice of tires vs. a Dual Setup.”

BKT: “Super singles work well on combines in dry soil and have better flotation in moist and wet soil than duals.”

ASCENSO: “Generally speaking, if the correct field CFO air pressure is maintained with VF load tables on the largest dual fitment, then we believe Straddle Duals will make the case of the best overall option.”

MICHELIN: “The easiest way for producers to compare tires in regard to soil compaction is evaluating Field Air Pressure, choosing the product with lowest inflation pressure able to carry the load at the speed they are traveling.”

PRECISION INFLATION: “Soil compaction is directly related to tire air pressure; therefore, the lower the tire pressure, the lower the soil compaction: VF CFO+ provides the lowest air pressure and most flexibility.”

YOKOHAMA OFF-HIGHWAY TIRES AMERICA: “In most situations except very wet soils, properly inflated tires can deliver equivalent traction and minimize soil compaction just as well as tracks, while eliminating the extra weight, maintenance and expense of the bogie wheel assemblies required for tracks.”  

Maxam Tire International
Greg W. Gilland:  Vice President Global Agriculture

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